Carl Giovannini's iOS Apps

About Carl

Carl Giovannini first started developing apps for the iOS platform in late 2009. His first app, Wacky Stories, was completed and released in early 2010. Soon after that, he began work on his second app, Titanic - Test Your Knowledge, which he finished and released in mid 2010. He is now working on his third app, Rock & Roll Trivia, which will be released soon.

Learning how to make apps, as well as actually developing the apps, has been quite a journey for Carl. A lot of planning, thinking, and trial and error was involved in the process. However, the experience was both fun and gratifying when he was able to finally get the apps released.

In addition to developing apps, Carl loves using the iPhone and iPad. Also, he likes to play Golf, Guitar and games on both the iPhone and the iPad. Carl is also a big Mac fan. Another one of his interests is playing video games on his Xbox 360. He's been enjoying video games ever since Pong, which he played when it first came out!