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Carl Giovannini's iOS Apps


If you have feedback relating to my apps (such as a question, comment, suggestion, etc. regarding one of my apps, would like to report a bug in one of my apps, or have an idea for an app) and would like to submit it to me, feel free. Please use the form below to submit your feedback, or simply send me an email.

However, make sure to read the following information before you submit feedback, particularly if you want to submit an app idea:

  • If you want to submit an app idea to me, the app can be for the iPhone/iPod Touch, or the iPad, or it can even be universal, meaning that it works on both.
  • If you submit an idea to me, please note that once you submit an app idea to me, you relinquish all rights to and ownership of, that idea. I reserve all rights to develop that idea into an app from the second I receive the idea.

With that said, if you'd like to submit feedback to me, use the form below or send me an email using the link above.

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